Do’s and Don’ts for Improving the Appearance of Enlarged Pores

The appearance of blackheads and enlarged pores is a common, yet challenging skincare issue for many women and men. Without the right products and skincare habits, enlarged pores may become a persistent cosmetic concern. However, by adapting your daily routine to include the most effective treatment solutions, as well as excluding a few poor skincare habits, you can help to minimize the appearance of large pores and improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

The primary cause of enlarged pores and stubborn blackheads is excess oil production. When this occurs, oil may mix with dirt, makeup, pollutants and other debris inside the pore, causing it to become clogged. The pore might then appear stretched, and a blackhead may form. Blackheads form when additional oil, dirt and debris becomes trapped on top of a clogged pore and is exposed to air. If this material then oxidizes, a darkened appearance is created, forming what we call a blackhead.

There are a number of skincare tips to keep in mind, however, that may minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads.


Things that can cause enlarged pores.


  • Use vitamin C. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that may have numerous skin benefits. When ingested orally or applied topically, vitamin C may nourish collagen and elastin, brighten the appearance of skin and help to defend against blemishes (Linus Pauling Institute).
  • Use alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid and lactic acid can have a retexturizing effect on the skin. Using products that contain these ingredients may help to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by helping to sweep away dead skin cells, oil and other debris that has built up inside pores and on the skin’s surface.

Skinbetter science AlphaRet™ Overnight Cream FACE and AlphaRet™ Intensive Overnight Cream FACE combine a retinoid with lactic acid to create a double conjugated retinoid to help smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles without causing irritation. Additionally, this formula contains glycolic acid to aid in skin retexurization. AlphaRet™ Intensive Overnight Cream FACE simply contains a higher level of glycolic acid for increased retexurization.

  • Use products that won’t clog pores. To help prevent future enlarged pores and blackheads from forming and to assist in improving the look and feel of skin, be sure to use only skincare products that won’t clog your pores. Look for “non-comedogenic” on the label to be sure that this product has been specifically formulated to avoid clogging pores. Skinbetter scienceproducts are all non-comedogenic and fragrance- and dye-free to better treat aging skin without leading to irritation.



Things to do to improve skincare.



Things to do to improve skincare.

Things to do to improve skincare.

  • Spend too much time in the sun. Unprotected sun exposure is one of the largest contributors to the appearance of aging skin, as its UV rays can damage and break down collagen and elastin proteins. Sun damage generally exaggerates the appearance of large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, avoiding prolonged sun exposure and wearing daily sun protection are hugely important when combating photoaging of the skin.

To help improve the appearance of sun damage that has already occurred, combine Intensive Treatment Cream LINES and Daily Treatment Cream FACE as a complete approach to collagen conservation. Each of these products utilizes patented InterFuse™ technology to deliver key anti-aging ingredients deeper and faster.

Intensive Treatment Cream LINES contains revolutionary high molecular weight, injectable-grade hyaluronic acid to help re-volumize the appearance of skin, and Daily Treatment Cream FACE contains a potent blend of messenger peptides to nourish five types of collagen.

  • Smoke.Research continues to show that smoking can significantly accelerate the skin’s aging process, making smokers appear to be older than they actually are (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery). Other environmental factors such as air pollution and even chronic stress have also been shown to contribute to the appearance of lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and discoloration (Dermatology Times). Kicking smoking habits, regularly washing your face to eliminate potentially harmful pollutants and managing stress may help to improve the skin’s overall look and feel.
  • Use heavy foundation. While it may be tempting to try to cover up large pores and blemishes with a heavy foundation and other makeup, these products can have the opposite effect and actually highlight enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles. Instead, use a light foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF, along with the most appropriate anti-aging skincare ingredients for your skin.

The Bottom Line

Although a common skin concern for many people, enlarged pores can be tricky to minimize, especially if you don’t fully understand why they happen in the first place. Combine cutting-edge anti-aging skincare like the skinbetter science collection of revolutionary and proprietary products with healthy skin and lifestyle habits for the most comprehensive approach to reducing the look of enlarged pores and improving the appearance of aging skin.
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