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skinbetter science products are formulated with groundbreaking, patented technologies developed with advanced chemistry and designed to deliver clinical efficacy and safety. We leverage both proven and new and innovative technologies, along with decades of rigorous research to develop purposeful and award-winning products. The skinbetter scientific approach represents a revolutionary change in the skincare market, establishing a new standard in professional skincare.

At skinbetter science we have a fundamental belief for patients to receive the best care and achieve the most optimal skincare outcomes by working with a professional. Clinicians who recommend skinbetter often use diagnostic tools designed to determine a patient’s primary skin concern and condition(s) and then monitor their progress and results. They combine their expert knowledge with science-based, product-results in a comprehensive, personalized treatment approach for skin correction, and maintenance, which includes both in-clinic treatments and at-home use of skinbetter products.

Our limited distribution, through physician practices, is a result of this belief. skinbetter is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of its products. To ensure that skinbetter products are used effectively and safely, we limit distribution of our products to Authorized Physician Partners, which we have determined are qualified to ensure our products are properly used to achieve an optimal result.

Our Authorized Physician Partners have exclusive access to our Training and Education staff. Because of the complex nature of our products and the different needs and expectations each patient may have, we provide regular training and education to both physicians and their staff. We also conduct clinical trials to assess safety and efficacy of our products to guide in-practice utilization of our technologies. This information is available only to Authorized Physician Partners and their staff. These efforts allow physicians and their teams to provide more effective outcomes and excellent service to their patients.

We offer on-demand Clinical Support for all customers who purchase our products through an Authorized Physician Partner. Our Clinical Affairs staff is equipped with the necessary experience and expertise to help and enhance customer experience with our products.

We stand behind the quality of our products by offering a best-in-class warranty on each product we sell through our Authorized Physician Partners who have the required training to maintain our products without voiding the warranty.

We have an unparalleled commitment to doing business fairly and ethically.

Please be aware that any purchase of skinbetter products outside of an Authorized Physician – even of otherwise “new and unopened” products – are void of any and all skinbetter warranty protections and do not qualify to receive any of the services described above. In addition, these products may be contaminated, diluted, expired or counterfeit merchandise, and we cannot verify their safety, quality, or efficacy. If you have received such a product it is likely a counterfeit product or may even be stolen property. We encourage you to contact us if you become aware of any unauthorized sales of skinbetter products.

The only way to ensure that you have access to skinbetter services and warranty is to purchase genuine products from one of skinbetter science’s Authorize Physician Partners, which you will find by using our physician locator.

We do not offer our products through individuals, street vendors, or other online retailers, such as but not limited to,,, or similar outlets.

Let us know what you think! We want to hear from you about the importance of employing such tight quality controls in the handling of our products. And, remember, when you are receiving a skinbetter product through an Authorized Physician Partner you are receiving much more than meets the eye. You are receiving a promise of quality from trusted professionals. Don’t settle for less than real results for your real life.

Even Tone Correcting Serum and AlphaRet product bottles

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