Use of sunscreen can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer and premature skin aging*.

If you are serious about protecting and supporting your skin against premature aging, the sunbetter® sunscreen collection offers the highest levels of UV protection, and is amplified with ingredients to support skin from a variety of environmental insults in multiple formats and finishes.

No matter your skin type or preference (oily or dry, light or dark complexion, tinted or sheer), if you are serious about the health of your skin, we have you covered.

*If used as directed in accordance with the product label and other sun protection measures including limiting time in the sun, use of protective clothing, use of a water-resistant sunscreen and reapplication every 2 hours, and every 80 minutes if sweating or swimming.


sunbetter® Advanced Mineral Protection


100% Mineral Actives + High Sun Protection + UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection + 80-Minute Water Resistance + Smoothing, Priming + Perfecting, Blurring, Mattifying



The Science


A.M.P. (Advanced Mineral Protection):
Achieving a Serious Level of Sun Protection


  • High-Performance Protection: 100% Mineral Actives, Up to SPF 75
  • Choice: 5 formats and finishes for a serious and discerning skincare consumer
  • Beyond UV Benefits: IRA, HEVL/Blue Light, Pollution, Cosmetic Benefits



Available in 5 Formats and Finishes


Ready to Take the Next Step?

skinbetter products are available only through authorized physicians. Search to find a physician near you and register to buy through their skinbetter online store.

Even Tone Correcting Serum and AlphaRet product bottles

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